Renovating is fun. However, there is a lot of trash that comes out in the process and with a no proper plan they end up in landfills which consequently destroy the environment. Before you discard your old kitchen cabinet, have a look at these genius ideas from junk clearance London on ways to repurpose and extend its life.

Sell the cabinet
You have come across the idiom, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, your old kitchen cabinet may look useless to you, but someone out there would pay to have it. There are some salvage stores and online auction sites that will cash out to have the cabinet. They include eBay, eBid, Bonanza, etc.

Doing charity work feels good. With your kitchen, you can get the blessing by helping the poor or those affected by disasters. Check a local non-profit organisation that collect furniture for use in low-income housing.

Use to make other furniture
When clearing your kitchen do not use the sledgehammer. Get the cabinet off the wall in shape and reuse it in other parts of the house. For example, you could add a caster to the cabinet and make a rolling cart for laundry, stack a double top cabinet and make a storage unit for cart and sewing supplies, make a worktable or if you have kids a study table. Also, you can put one double wall cabinet in your kids closet to store toys and other clothes.

Your old cabinet might require some facelift before doing any of the above. If the cabinet is made from wood, how about sanding it, repaint and refinish it. Such a cabinet will sell at a better price, and the expense for the refinishing are small.

If the cabinet style needs updating, do not hesitate. Consider replacing the hardware and the doors with a new style. Some cabinets are laminated and that make it difficult for DIY renovation. Consult a painting professional to ensure you use the right techniques and materials when updating.

The methods above are some of my ideas. You might have others, are better ones, so do not feel limited. Repurposing your kitchen cabinet is cheap and an excellent way to reduce environmental footprints. You will also have a chance to redesign the cabinet the way you like. If you have designing potential, you will get the neighbours pouring compliments, which is good for the soul.